Post-doc position - Experimental study of elastic wave propagation through metamaterials with dipolar local resonances - Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert

A post-dosctoral position is available at Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (Paris, France). The objective of the proposed work is to understand and to control shear wave propagation in composites materials displaying original and promising local resonances.Additional details on the proposed position can be found here in English, ici en français.

Ouverture de poste à Thales Underwater Systems.

Thales Underwater Systems recherche une candidate / un candidat pour mener à bien des études amonts en acoustique sous-marine (transducteurs et antennes). Vous trouverez iciun descriptif du poste qui est en cours d’ouverture.

Research Associate in Novel mathematical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of complex nonlinear composites,  Manchester University (UK). 

A research associate position is available within the Waves in Complex Continua research the School of Mathematics of teh University of Manchester from February 1st, 2017. The successful candidate will undertake research into the constitutive behaviour of complex nonlinear elastic materials under load, as well as their dynamic behaviour at fixed load. The focus here is on so-called microsphere composites, often also known as syntactic foams. The project will be informed by the associated experimental project involving imaging and constitutive mechanical testing as well as by industrial collaborators. For further enquiry and application, please follow the link.

Master Thesis: Can a forest be used as a meta-material for seismic waves ? Laboratoire ISTerre, France.

A Master Thesis Internship is available at ISTerre (Grenoble, France) from October 2017. This master thesis would be about studying the influence of trees on seismic wave (i) to understand how the seismic waves are deformed by trees and (ii) to go further and see if forest can be used as a meta-material to guide seismic wave and protect an area. The objective of the project is the deployment of a very dense array of three-component geophones at the interface between an open field and a forest. Different sites were investigated during the spring 2016 and the choice was made to perform the experiment near the Mimizan airfield in the Landes forest, in a pine-tree forest with an average density of 80 trees per 400 m² .

The role of the student would first be an experimental part with a lot of measurements either in the laboratory or in the field. Then the student will work on numerical simulations to correctly explain and understand the measured data. To help him with the theoretical part the student will be in contact with Sébastien Guenneau (Fresnel Institute, Marseille) and Richard Craster (Imperial College, London) who are used to work on meta-materials for seismic waves with a theoretical approach.

Additional details on the proposed position can be found here

PhD Thesis: Metaporo-elastic structures for subwavelength sound and elastic energy absorption/isolation, Laboratoire d''Acoustique de l''Université du Maine (LAUM), France.

A three years PhD position is available at the Laboratoire d''Acoustique de l''Université du Maine, France (LAUM) starting from September/October 2017. Interested candidates should send by e-mail an application including a cover letter and an updated CV. More details are available here (pdf).

Three Master Thesis positions available for 2017 at the Laboratoire d''Acoustique de l''Université du Maine (LAUM), France.

The proposed research topics are as follows (additional details available here and here):

  1. Structuring the water surface : how can we study for the first time tunable resonance gratings with Dirichlet condition
  2. Generation of acoustic vortices using leaky toroidal waveguides and perfect absorbers. The structured surfaces with Neumann boundary conditions present surface acoustic waves known as Acoustic Plasmons. In this project we want to study the case with an interface haveing Dirichlet conditions, for example the water-air interface. The project consists in both a theoretical part to study the structured interfaces by means of modal decomposition or on finite elements method, and a experimental part to be developed in the ultrasonic range in a water tank.
  3. Modelling of the acoustic attenuation by sonic crystals. Application in an acoustic barrier for the train noise domain. Financed by SNCF.

Post-doctoral position at Bordeaux University: Functional Acoustic Coatings with Soft Metamaterials.

A post-dosctoral position is available at Bordeaux University (France), starting at the beginning of 2017. The position is for one year, renewable once. The research project aims at developing a new class of acoustic coatings based on the metamaterial concept, which are easily processable and up-scalable by soft matter techniques coupled with microfluidics. Additional details on the proposed position can be found here.

Applications should include a CV, as well as contact details of two academic referees. Please also include a statement explaining your suitability for the project (with all documents in a single file). Informal enquiries can be sent to Dr Thomas Brunet (thomas.brunet@u-bordeaux.fr). Applications should be made through the website of the Laboratory of Excellence AMADEUS.