Visite entreprises – Lausanne & Yverdon

Jeudi 6 Décembre 2018



Dans le cadre du projet INTERREG IGNITION, le Collégium SMYLE (Smart systems for a better life) les étudiants, doctorants et post doctorants de FEMTO-ST sont invités à visiter les entreprises suivantes :


10h00 IMINA :

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Imina Technologies SA is born  in 2009 from the idea that conventional nanopositioning instruments used by scientists at the forefront of nanotechnology research are lacking of versatility to quickly adapt to ever changing experiments and needs. Over 10 years of research in high precision robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, (EPFL) allowed to demonstrate that a mobile robot equipped with a motion technology based on piezo actuators can satisfy this growing need.


14h00:  Ecorobotix

Based in Yverdon Switzerland, Ecorobotix develops, produces and sells innovative farming machines that require low energy and that reduce the negative ecological impact of modern agriculture, while keeping costs competitive. Ecorobotix aim to offer precise, safe, reliable and affordable robotic solutions that simplify farmers’ life to produce healthy food.



Cette action a lieu dans le cadre du projet INTERREG, IGNITION, qui bénéficie des fonds européens




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