Final Format: Zoom Webinar

The workshop will be held through Zoom. We highly recommend to install the Zoom Client software (for free) to have full access to its tools.

Plenary talks:

Each plenary speaker will give a 20-minutes talk about their work followed by 5 minutes of questions. Attendees will be able to write down questions in the chat during the talk, and then we will select some among them to pose. According to the available time, we will either read the question for the speaker or give the questioner the opportunity to ask it himself.

Short presentations and discussion:

This session will start with 3-minutes presentations from all the short talks speakers. Afterwards, we will open a breakout room for each speaker (not plenary speakers) to further present and discuss their work. Attendees will be able to choose which room they want to join and to switch rooms at any moment. If you do not have installed the Zoom Client and joined thorugh a browser, you wont be able to switch rooms.