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Workshop program:





12:20Claudio GalliccioOpening remarks
Session on Physical Neural Networks
12:30Kohei NakajimaPhysical reservoir computing
13:00Iacopo Poli, Alessandro Cappelli, Julien Launay, Ruben OhanaAdversarial Robustness through Analog Computing
13:15Florian Stelzer, André Röhm, Raul Vicente, Ingo Fischer, Serhiy YanchukFolding a Deep Neural Network in Time using Feedback-Modulated Delay Loops
13:30Corey Lammie, Mostafa Rahimi AzghadiSimulating In-Memory Memristive Deep Learning Systems
13:40Diego Arguello Ron, Morteza Kamalian-Kopae, Sergei TuritsynNoise-Resistant Optical Implementation of Analogue Neural Networks
Session on Learning for hardware networks
14:00Jolie GrollierEquilibrium Propagation for Intrinsically Learning Hardware
14:30Logan Wright, Tatsuhiro Onodera, Martin Stein, Tianyu Wang, Darren Schachter, Zoey Hu, Peter McMahon (15m)Deep physical neural networks using in situ physics-aware training
14:45Pietro Verzelli, Cesare Alippi, Lorenzo LiviOn the Role of Synchronization in Reservoir Computing
14:55Daniele Di Sarli, Claudio Gallicchio, Alessio MicheliTowards Dynamically Modulated Reservoir Networks
15:05Claudio Gallicchio, Alessio Micheli, Luca SilvestriPhase Transition Adaptation in Reservoir Computing
Session on Photonic Neural Networks
15:30Silvain GiganAn Optical Random Machine for inference and training
16:00Anas Skalli, Xavier Porte, Nasibeh Haghighi, Stephan Reitzenstein, James Lott, Daniel BrunnerA complete, parallel, and autonomous photonic neural network in a semiconductor multimode laser
16:15Julian Bueno, Joshua Robertson, Matej Hejda, Antonio HurtadoPhotonic Recurrent Neural Networks using Reservoir Computing and Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
16:25Davide Pierangeli, Giulia Marcucci, Claudio ContiFree-space photonic extreme learning machine
16:35Joshua Robertson, Yahui Zhang, Matej Hejda, Juan Alanis, Julian Bueno, Shuiying Xiang, Antonio HurtadoNeuromorphic Photonic Image Edge-Feature Detection with Spiking Laser Neurons
Session on Future Concepts
17:00Tianyu Wang, Shi-Yuan Ma, Logan Wright, Tatsuhiro Onodera, Brian Richard, Peter McMahonAn Optical Neuromorphic Processor Using <1 Photon per Scalar Multiplication
17:15Claudio GallicchioReservoir Computing by Discretizing ODEs
17:30Mirko Goldmann, Claudio R. Mirasso, Ingo Fischer, Miguel C. SorianoMemory engineering using a reconfigurable deep reservoir architecture