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GdR ARCHI-META intends to seize this spontaneous convergence and act as a catalyst to go beyond the specificities linked to acoustics and mechanics, bringing together a new community around architected metamaterials. The objective is to get communities (mechanics and acousticians) to identify and resolve common scientific issues highlighted in recent years and to share the theoretical tools specific to the two communities to establish a common language. 

GT2 Geometry: Spatial and Temporal metamaterials: The second working group of GDR ARCHI META concerns the definition of the geometry of architected metamaterials which gives access to specific properties. This approach continued through geometric optimization or topological aims to determine an optimal architecture for a property considered. 


Local Organizing Committee:

Cedric Bellis (LMA, CNRS)

Muamer Kadic (UFC)

Fabrice Lemoult (ESPCI)