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Training event on Supercontinuum Broadband Light Sources

The training is over ! It was a great and lively scientific event with more than 60 attendees and 12 speakers.

Thank you all for your participation and See you next ITN meeting !

The first training event on supercontinuum broadband light laser sources will be held in Besançon at the FEMTO-ST headquarters new building at Temis in Besançon on 19-21 September  2017. This school will bring together european and international early-stage researchers (ESRs) and professors in the field of physics and applications of supercontinuum light generation from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared region.

This event is organized in the framework of the SUPUVIR European H-2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. SUPUVIR is the acronym for SUPercontinuum broadband light sources covering UV to IR applications. The main objective is to combine the efforts of 6 academic and 4 non-academic beneficiaries to train early-stage researchers for the growing industry within supercontinuum broadband light sources, giving them extensive knowledge in silica and soft-glass chemistry, preform design and fibre drawing, linear and nonlinear fibre and waveguide characterization, nonlinear fibre optics, SC modelling, SC system design, patent protection, and in-depth knowledge of a broad range of the main applications of SC high-power broadband light sources. The strong blend of academic and non-academic sectors in the Consortium will give the ESRs a unique chance to develop a wide set of technical and transferrable skills, thus preparing them for long-time employment in the academic and industrial sectors. 

We will assemble a fantastic programme of speakers and teachers who will consider the many ways supercontinuum generation do play an essential role in photonics and for many applications in sensing, metrology, spectroscopy and biophotonics. The training event will include a number of lecturers on fiber optics technologies and nonlinear fiber optics, from the basics to numerical modelling and lab experiments, and will be held in the spirit of a lively and constructive school. (See Program)

The school is open not only to all Ph.D Students from the European ITN partners but also all other academic or industrial partners. So please spread this website as much as possible.

The maximum number of attendees is limited to 60.

Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. (See the registration page)

Besançon is an old Roman town of Art and History where Vauban’s masterpiece (engineer and military architect, XVIIe century), the Citadelle belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. The city is famous for its microtechnology and watch industries. It is located in the heart of Europe and readily accessible by transport. See here for Venue, Travel information, and Accomodation.

FEMTO-ST is a joint research institute associated with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, with more than 700 peoples working in many areas of applied physics including optics, mechanics, acoustics, robotics, nanotechnologies, energy, time-frequency metrology. The department of Optics includes about 80 peoples working in the fields of optoelectronics, nonlinear photonics, quantum optics, nano-photonics, and reservoir computing. See here for more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Besançon.

The organizers : Thibaut Sylvestre and John M. Dudley