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Haptic impressions are extremely important – not only tactile sensations. It is important to think of the quality we want to give and the feelings we want to rouse in our customers. For example, if someone walks on a soft floor he subconsciously develops a feeling of recreation and well-being. To describe that feeling in objective terms, we need descriptors that should be correlated with the progress of physical parameters to make measurement of the perceived quality of a material by its haptic properties possible. Satisfying the perceived haptic quality anchored in the product context is an important feature in making buying decisions.

Actions improving the quality and securing the way quality is perceived with lasting effect extend throughout the genesis of a product. Perceived quality is a feeling in the customer whether and to what degree a product confirms his expectations. Our speakers will present and discuss new findings and product innovations in this thrilling field.
The 1st International Haptique Forum will be a place for discussions with speakers and participants, dialogues with peers in the industry and provide place and time for the exchange of views in a stylish ambience.
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