Conférences plénières

Chaque demi-journée est ouverte par une conférence plénière assurée par un grand nom du monde scientifique ou industriel. Pour cette édition, Arnaud Duval (Faurecia Acoustics and Soft Trim Division) et Scott Cogan (Institut FEMTO-ST, Département de Mécanique Appliquée) partageront leurs savoirs les jeudi 5 et vendredi 6 novembre.


 Arnaud Duval

Arnaud Duval obtained his mechanical engineering degree in the French Grande Ecole "l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers" in Angers / Paris, then pursued with one year specialisation in acoustics (research master) by graduating "le DEA d’Acoustique Appliquée" of the "Université du Maine" in Le Mans, France. He has more than 15 years experience in vehicle vibro-acoustics and semi-structural composites with various positions as acoustic manager and expert.

Since 2008, he is in charge of the Acoustic Research and Innovation department of the Faurecia Acoustics and Soft Trim Product Line for all european and japanese carmakers and is based in the Acoustic TechCenter in Mouzon, France. In 2012, he has been nominated "Senior Expert" in the field of acoustics for the Faurecia Group.



 Scott Cogan

Scott Cogan received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan followed by his PhD at the University of Franche‐Comté. He has been a research fellow with the CNRS‐France since 1992 and is currently head of the Robust Design and V&V research group at the Department of Applied Mechanics of the FEMTO‐ST Institute in Besançon, France. He has contributed to over 150 scientific papers in international journals and conferences, advised 25 PhD’s, and participated in nearly 40 national and internationally funded research projects with industrial partners such as the CNES-Toulouse, EDF-Clamart, SAFRAN, and PSA-Vélizy.