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The Laboratory of excellence ACTION, the FEMTO-ST institute and the center of development Femto engineering invite to a workshop on the latest developments relative to the next generation of multifunctional photonic micro components.


Why should attend?

Both recent advances in microtechnologies and hybridization of active materials (piezo, ferroelectric, electro optic such as lithium niobate) are expected to drive the development of multifunctional and miniaturized photonic devices such as electric field sensors, frequency converters and modulators.

This workshop will explore the latest technological achievements and address the different challenges that micro devices are facing in terms of design, integration, functionalization, performance, and reliability.

The Workshop that will feature visits, demonstrations, application-oriented plenary sessions and a panel discussion, aims at:
- bringing together device manufacturers and systems integrators, international centers of development and technologists who work in the field of integrated photonics for sensing, telecom, security, defense, metrology and health applications,

- providing both some current cutting-edge technological results and an overview of the market trends.