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First European Summer School on Bio-based Composites

The European Summer School on Bio-based Composites (ESBBC) is a unique event in Europe for master students, PhD students and young researchers working on bio-based composites wishing to learn, exchange experience and technical information on this multidisciplinary scientific field.

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The event has been a great success with about 150 participants. The quality of the several presentations and the interesting discussions that derived from it made this event even better and rewarding.

Best Flash-Presentation Award Winners

Three prices were awarded with 4 ex-aequo presentations for the 3rd price. The First Award winner will receive 300€, the Second Award winner will receive 200€ and the 3rd Award winners will receive 150€ each.


1. Jason GOVILAS - University Franche-Comté, France

Investigation of the mechanics of interface between individual plant fibers using micro-mechatronics

2. Emmanuelle RICHELY - INRAE Nantes, France

Combined experimental and numerical approaches to grasp the mechanical behaviour of flax fibres and bundles


- Ana Carolina CONSTANCIO TRINDADE - PUC-Rio, Brazil

Natural fiber-reinforced geopolymers exposed to accelerated aging tests

- Delphin PANTALONI - University of South Brittany, France

Are biodegradable polymers suitable as matrix for biodegradable flax composites ?

- Farzin JAVANSHOUR - Tampere University, Finland

Interfacial Toughening of Flax Fibre Reinforced Composites for Better Impact Resistance

- Alexandros PRAPAVESIS - KU Leuven, Belgium

Full-field 3D Strain Mapping of Flax Fibre Composites by Means of 4D X-CT Digital Volume Correlation


Research on bio-based composites has developed at national and international levels during the last decades. Several European projects focused on bio-based composites are currently funded via H2020, Interreg or Era-NET. In this context, ESBBC aims at creating a critical mass and momentum about this important research topic by gathering the main academic and technical players around a new Summer School completely dedicated to the field of bio-based composites and their development.

This first edition is organised under the auspices of the European projects SSUCHY, FLOWER, NETFIB and FiberNet  and hosted by the FEMTO-ST Institute at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon, France.

The event will cover three main topics:

  1. Testing
  2. Manufacturing, design and durability
  3. End of Life management, sustainability assessment, circular bioeconomy

Highlights and Provisonal Programme

  • Keynote lectures given by European experts
  • Lectures & hands-on tutorials
  • Presentation of European projects associated with ESBBC
  • Flash presentations from selected student attendees
  • Workshop dedicated to scientific journal writing
  • Social events (for onsite participants)

8 Sessions

  1. Bio-based materials design, perception and emotional aspects
  2. Plant and wood fibres
  3. Biochemistry of plant fibres
  4. Advanced functionalities of bio-based composite materials and structures
  5. Bio-based composites and materials applications
  6. Workshop on scientific journal writing – Darshil Shah, Alain Bourmaud
  7. Plant cultivation, harvesting and processing
  8. Circular Bioeconomy

→ Consult the detailed programme here


The summer school will run from 6th to 8th of July 2021 fully online*:

Registration for all participants will open on 15/04/2021 and close on 30/06/2021.