Abstract submission


You are invited to submit your paper abstract to the 2024 ICRA-CSR workshop. Abstracts will consist of a maximum of 2 pages (text, figures, tables, and references). They must be submitted in PDF and must follow the IEEE double-column format. Templates are available. Please submit the abstract through the workshop website. The short papers will be included in the proceedings. All the submissions will be judged based on relevance to the workshop topics, technical quality, and novelty.

Authors of accepted abstracts are expected to attend the workshop with a spot-light talk (~3 mins, sent by email or installed on the computer by thumb drive five minutes before the session) and to present their work as posters during the interactive session with posters prepared in advance. The extended abstracts will be included in the proceedings to be posted on the workshop website.


Abstract Submission Deadline: 23rd March 2024

Author Notification: 7th April 2024

Workshop Date: 13th May 2024

List of accepted abstracts

1. Rewritable Multistable Non-Circular Frusta, Ezra Ben-Abu, Anna Zigelman, Sefi Givli, Evgueni Filipov, Hod Lipson, and Amir Gat

2. A Passive Variable Impedance Control Strategy with Viscoelastic Parameters Estimation of Soft Tissues for Safe Ultrasonography, Luca Beber, Edoardo Lamon, Davide Nardi, Daniele Fontanelli, Matteo Saveriano, and Luigi Palopoli

3. Enhancing Delicate Flexible Endoscopic Maneuvers: A Fully Soft and Tissue-Compliant Force Sensor based on Fiber Bragg Grating, Tao Zhang, Hongliang Ren

4. A Flat Tendon-Driven Continuum Microrobot for Brain Interventions, Lorenzo Noseda, Addison Liu, Lucio Pancaldi, and Mahmut Selman Sakar

5. LASER: LCE Actuated Steerable Everting Robot, Sukjun Kim, Gaoweiang Dong, Shengqiang Cai, and Tania K. Morimoto

6. Tool-Tissue Interaction Force Sensing in Flexible Endoscopic Surgical Robots, Wenjie Lai, Jiajun Liu, Lin Cao, and Soo Jay Phee

7. Enabling 3D Optical Shape Sensing in a Fully-Soft Miniaturized Continuum Robot though Functionalized Tubing, Viola Del Bono, Max McCandless, Frank Julia Wise, and Sheila Russo

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