Guided tour

MIMENTO cleanroom facilities (part of the French network RENATECH)

The FEMTO-ST Institute has several leading edge technological platforms, including the MIMENTO Technology Center.
Of national importance, MIMENTO is part of the french RENATECH network which groups together six major academic
technology centers. Unique in France, the Center includes:

- a “nanotechnology” module (nano-engraving, nano-lithography, etc.),
- a “micromanufacturing” module (3D structures, piezoelectric materials, hybrid micromechanics) and
- a pooled “R&D - Industrial innovation” module (industrial production line for piezoelectric micro-nano components).

The guided tour which will be organised on November 17, from 8.20pm to 9pm is free but registration is compulsory and limited to 20 attendees. The facilities are located five-minute walk from FEMTO-ST.