Workshop in IROS'14 - September 18, 2014, Chicago

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 The objective of this workshop is to define the future trend and issues in micro-nanorobotics. Since 1990’s, scientific activities in miniaturized robotics have grown and this field is now a well-established and well-recognised part of the robotics. In the last ten years, industries in miniaturized robotics have been launched all around the world based on the international know-how of academic research institutes. Speakers are key scientists in the field of micro-nanorobotics and are going to present the perspectives of this field.  


The scientific and technological challenges deal with (i) the automation and the improvement of autonomy of the current systems; (ii) the improvement of the precision and the capabilities of the systems; (iii) the new innovative robotic solutions for nanoscale manufacturing. The current identified markets are (i) the biomedical robots for in-vivo and in-vitro applications; (ii) the industrial robots for micro-assembly in the field of optical system, nanosensors, micromechanics; and ((iii) the scientific instrumentation in the field of small samples characterization, cell biology, micro/nano scale material testing, ultra-small probing, or nanofriction.

The objective of this workshop is to present and to synthetize the future trends of micro-nano-robotics. The workshop will be organised in an original way including two phases (two half days). First, short presentations on the future challenges of micro-nano-robotics (10 minutes) are going to be done by key-scientists in this field (see list below). The second step consists in two to four parallel workshops in front of a paper board to establish and to synthesise keypoints of four to eight major challenges. Following this workshop, a white paper of the challenges in micro-nano-robotics will be published on the IEEE Technical Committee for Micro/Nano Robotics and Automation.