Welcome to Besançon!

International Ph.D Summer School on Hydrogen

« Materials and processes for hydrogen components »

In July 2022, from Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th, the Department of Applied Mechanics of the FEMTO ST Institute in Besançon, France, is organizing the 9th International and multidisciplinary Summer School on hydrogen entitled "Materials and processes for hydrogen components".

The previous editions were mostly held in Belfort within FCLAB, but were also carried on two occasions (2018 and 2021) by the LEMTA of the University of Lorraine. Held for the first time in Besançon DMA, this is an opportunity to put the spotlight on the specific research activity that the department hosts which focuses on materials, but also processes, dedicated to the storage of hydrogen in gaseous form and in so-called solid form.

More generally, it is the opportunity for the whole community to interact with Master and PhD students, researchers and professionals from any horizon in order to share our current knowledge and expertise in the field of materials used in a hydrogen environment.

This summer school is a high-level training program on materials and processes for hydrogen energy that can be capitalized in a PhD Thesis training. Long sessions will be offered, dealing with the current state of societal issues and scientific challenges on hydrogen energy but also targeted teachings on specific scientific challenges and recent advances, for example on the behavior and durability of materials constituting storage tanks or research actions to move towards the decarbonization of structures and beyond the hydrogen industry as a whole.

Doctoral students will be invited to present their thesis work through the presentation of posters. The detailed program will be communicated as soon as known.

Anne MAYNADIER, anne.maynadier@univ-fcomte.fr

David CHAPELLE, david.chapelle@univ-fcomte.fr