Summer School Program


List of contributors


Institution introduction

Director of IUT : Anne-Laurence FERRARI

Director of FEMTO ST Institute : Laurent LARGER (8:30am the 7th of july)

Organizer's introduction : Anne MAYANDIER, David CHAPELLE

Scientific introduction

Pierre SERRE-COMBE, Deputy Director of Energy Programmes CEA, and Thierry PRIEM, Project Manager CEA 'Storage and Flexibility Solutions Programme ', "On the road to hydrogen"

An industrial illustration

Dominique PERREUX, Professor of Franche-Comté University, "From the lab to the MAHYTEC adventure"

"Solid storage: synthesis, behaviour and ageing of storage materials"

Fermin CUEVAS, DR CNRS, ICMPE : "Fundamental properties of metal hydrides for reversible storage at room temperature; applications to solid gas storage for Fuel Cell application (AB5, AB2, AB and BCC compounds) and electrochemical storage for Ni-MH battery application (AB5 and AB3)"


"From materials to structure, simulation, experimentation and optimisation at the tank scale"

Olivier GILLIA, DR LITEN CEA : "Hydride breathing and its mechanical consequences on the tank"

Patricia de RANGO, DR CNRS Institut Néel : "Tank for solid hydrogen storage : MgH2 hydride, thermal management, phase-change material"

Yann CHARLES, Associate Professor Université Paris XIII : "Implementation of finite element simulations of hydrogen transport and trapping in metallic structures under complex thermomechanical loading"

"Embrittlement in metals"

Christine BLANC, Professeur INP-ENSIACET : "Aluminium alloys and hydrogen embrittlement (to be confirmed)"

Grégory ODEMER, Associate Professor ENSIACET : "Effect of hydrogen on the mechanical and electrochemical properties of a nickel-based superalloy"

Laurent BRIOTTET, DR CEA Grenoble, "Hydrogen fracture of metal alloys in a gaseous environment"

"Behaviour and durability of elastomers and thermoplastics"

Jean-François GERARD, Professor University of Lyon, IMP : "Polymers for production, transport, storage, and conversion of hydrogen: A review of considered polymers and shaping processes"

"Innovative processes for non-metallic materials suitable for storage"

Stéphane VILLALONGA, IR CEA Le Ripault : "Manufacturing Type IV Composite Pressure Vessel for on-board gaseous hydrogen storage"

Hugo FARIA, Invited lecturer University of Aveiro : "Compressed Storage using Composites: Design, Manufacturing Multiphysics and Modelling"

Abdelkader HOCINE, Professor Hassiba Benbouali University : "Hydrogen Storage and composite solutions"


Isabelle MAILLOTTE-NAVARRO, Executive assistant : "Climate mural and Carbon footprint"