List of speakers

Inaugural speakers (confirmed):

Robots × Humans × AIKoichi Suzumori (Professor, School of Engineering) & Ko  Ishiyama (President and Representative Director, ExaWizards Inc.) | Taking  your first step as a researcher | Prospective Students | Tokyo Institute of  Technology

Koichi Suzumori (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Ian D. Walker | College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences |  Clemson University, South Carolina

Ian D. Walker (Clemson University, USA)

Invites speakers (confirmed):

Loop | Hiroyuki Nabae

Hiroyuki Nabae (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

M. Taha Chikhaoui (TIMC, CNRS, France)

Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Jiewen Lai (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Quentin BOEHLER | Senior Researcher | PhD | ETH Zurich, Zürich | ETH Zürich  | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | Research profile

Quentin Boehler (ETHZ, Switzerland)

Tania Morimoto - YouTube

Tania Morimoto (University of California San Diego, USA)

State Estimation using Gaussian Process Regression -

Sven Lilge (University of Toronto, Canada)

Thomas George Thuruthel

Thomas George Thuruthel (University College London, England)

Jake Childs (EndoTheia Technology, USA) 

Vito Cacucciolo (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)