Monday 13th May 2024 (Conference Center - Room 304)

2024 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2024)

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9:00OpeningAll co-organizers
9:05Koichi Suzumori

9:05-9:25 Soft robotics history and overview (part 1)

9:25-9:45 Soft Robotics Applications in Medicine: Self-Propelled Soft Robot for Colonoscopy and X-Ray Transparent Soft Robot for Gastro Fluoroscopy (part 2)

Chair: Shingo Maeda

9:50Poster Teaser Session

A set of brief (3 min) presentations of the poster highlights

Chair: Kanty Rabenorosoa

10:30Coffee Break 
 Session 1

Innovative design and modeling

Chair: Shingo Maeda

11:00Hiroyuki NabaePneumatic Soft Actuators for Medical and Nursing Applications
11:20Tania MorimotoSoft robot design – from surgery to rehabilitation
11:40Taha ChikhaouiTowards bridging gaps in continuum robotics research
12:00Jiewen LaiMotion Planning for Soft Continuum Robots Toward Robot-Assisted Surgery
12:20Lunch Break 
13:30Poster Interactive SessionCan continue during the break in the afternoon
14:00Ian D. Walker

Continuum Robots: Progress and Challenges

Chair: Kanty Rabenorosoa

15:00Coffee Break 
 Session 2

Novel hardware

Chair: Pietro Valdastri

15:30Quentin BoehlerChallenges and opportunities of continuum robots in minimally invasive interventions
15:50Caleb D. RuckerEndoTheia, Inc.: next-generation devices for flexible endoscopy
16:10Vito Cacucciolo
Solid-State Soft Pumps for digital fluidics
 Session 3

Sensing and Control

Chair: Hongliang Ren

16:30Sven Lilge
Continuum Robot State Estimation Using Gaussian Process Regression
16:50Thomas G. ThuruthelEnabling touch-based manipulation in soft robots
17:10Panel Discussion and Summary 
17:25Closing remarks
All co-organizers