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The summer school is now over, and attracted 28 participants for several European countries. Including speakers, we had a total of 15 nationalities from almost all continents! Thank you to all participants, speakers and sponsors for their support in making this event a success!


The first summer school on microgrids will be organized in Belfort, France, on 1-5 July 2019.

It will feature:

  • International speakers from academia and industry covering topics ranging from basics to modeling and control as well as experiments;
  • A project sponsored by Typhoon HIL to enable participants to practice the design of a microgrid using dedicated software and hardware;
  • A poster session to give participants the opportunity to present their work;
  • Discussions among participants and with speakers on current challenges and possible solutions.

It aims to attract both academic (graduate students and researchers) and industrial participants.

The language of the school is English.

Supporters and organizers

The school is financially supported by:

  • GdR SEEDS, a CNRS research group on electrical engineering,
  • CNRS, the French National Research Center, through the Ecoles thématiques program,
  • HAEOLUS, a European H2020 project focused on integrating hydrogen production with wind farms.

It is organized and hosted by:

  • FCLAB, a research federation of CNRS focused on hydrogen and fuel cells,
  • FEMTO-ST, a research institute associated to CNRS,
  • UTBM, the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, which is part of UBFC,
  • UBFC, the University Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

The project and award are sponsored by:

  • Typhoon HIL, a leader in controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) simulation for power electronics, microgrids, and distribution networks.

Organization committee

  • Dr. Robin Roche, chair
  • Ms. Sophie Granon and Mr. Bruno Riccio, administrative management
  • Dr. Damien Paire and Ms. Sylvie Piemonte, logistics