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3rd International Workshop on Functionalized Surfaces for Sensor Applications

The SURFOCAP Workshop will be held in Besançon, France on Tuesday, 30th and Wednesday, 31th of May, 2017. This event will feature the intervention of renowned scientists in the field of chemical and bio-sensors. Four internationally renowned speakers will address plenary session talks about Topics as different as chemical and biochemical sensors or the synthesis of nanostructured and functionalized surfaces.

The third edition of the International Workshop on functionalized Surfaces and their Applications to chemical and bio-sensors “SURFOCAP’17”, will provide an update on recent specific materials for the development of microdevices such as chemical, biochemical and physico-chemical sensors. This Workshop will especially be the opportunity to gather Scientists, Post-Doc students and PhD students around a topical theme dedicated to functionalized and/or nanostructured surfaces and their applications in the field of Air Quality Monitoring, Environmental measurements, bio-medical analysis, food quality control, etc.

This meeting will also include oral communications (Scientists, Post-doctoral students, PhD students, junior researchers) as well as poster presentation during special sessions.