Chimie de la Reconnaissance et Etude d’Assemblages Biologiques

 The CREAB team develops research activities at the interface between physics-chemistry-biology with two specific research axes: biosensors and bio-nano-technologies. To accomplish such a research program, the team relies on its own multidisciplinary skills and know-how (surface chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, electrochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, biophysics, instrumentation...) but also takes advantage of strong collaborations with other researchers: either biologists (Institute of Advanced Biology, Institute for Structural Biology, Institut Gustave Roussy...) or technologists (LAAS Toulouse, LETI Grenoble, Aryballe...).

Responsable de l’équipe : Yanxia HOU-BROUTIN

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Correspondant GDR : Yoann ROUPIOZ


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biomolecule engineering

bio-inspired materials

nanoparticle engineering