Micro-/Nano-Systems; Nanoscale Technology

The activity focuses on material and surface sciences, nanostructuring processes, and engineering. We seek to understand the physical, chemical, and biological properties of surfaces as they relate to characteristics at the nanometer scale and to develop reliable processes for fabricating nanostructured surfaces, films, and components with enhanced performance or unique properties. CSEM contributes to novel solutions in many different areas: nanoscale security features, ultra-thin membranes for sensing and separation, gas- and chemical-sensing based on sol-gel and molecular imprinted polymer films. We also work on smart surfaces with tailored cell adsorption or antibacterial properties, on smart coatings with optimized wetting, and tribological properties. Several printing technologies complete our technological platform for the local patterning of surface functionalities.

Responsable de l’équipe : Raphaël PUGIN

Site web équipe : www.csem.ch


Correspondant GDR : Raphaël PUGIN


Mots clés

Surface functionalization and characterization

Surface nanostructuring

Nanofabrication and nanoreplication

Printing technologies

Smart coatings