Large Scale Structures (LSS) and Soft Matter Science  and Support (SMSS) at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL)

The ILL, situated in Grenoble, is Europe's leading research facility for fundamental research using neutrons. The LSS group comprises a range of instruments designed to carry out studies on the structure of matter on a scale of one to hundreds of nanometers. The range of science covered is very broad, from polymer and colloid science through structural molecular biology to materials science and magnetic phenomena. The SMSS group includes activities within the Partnership for Soft Consensed Matter, a scientific and technical platform supporting ambitious large-scale soft matter research projects related to nanomaterials, environmental and energy sciences, biotechnology and related fields. A platform is in place for extraction and characterization of lipid mixtures from yeast and bacteria cultures. Activities are of interest for neutron scattering techniques used for the structural and dynamical characterisation of biomembranes.

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