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We have many choices for hotels:

1- Next to the lab

All Suites Hotel

2- City Centre

Hotel Mercure

The differences are:  the hotel next to the lab is very quiet and you will be able to sleep in more in the morning. It has a gym and sauna but there is nothing interesting to see in the immediate neighbourhood. The hotel in the centre that will also be quiet and comfortable, you will be able to look around the old Roman town, but you will have to get up earlier to be collected in the morning ! 

But you can also find many other hotels on the Besançon tourism website you might be interested in :

Airbnb Besancon

Hotels on Booking website

3: Next to the Train station and to the city center (500 m)

Feel free to contact us for informations about accommodation and location.

Wherever you stay, we will make sure you arrive in the morning and are put to bed safely in the evening ! 

The organizers: Jean-Charles Beugnot and Thibaut Sylvestre