The structuration of the relationship between EPFL and the French universities in the Jura arc started in 1995. It is now a long story with a very concret present and a promosing future! This page mentions the key-step of this hitorical partnership

  • 1995 : Starting of the partnership as a PICS Microtechniques supported by CNRS. (PICS: Programmes Internationaux de Coopération Scientifique)

  • 2003 : The partnership becomes the LEA Microtechniques supported by both the INTERREG III program and CNRS (LEA: Laboratoire Européen Associé).

  • 2009 : The partnership is supported by the projet INTERREG IV program (See here the film made by the local TV, Canalalpha)

  • 2013 : The SMYLE Collegium is launched supported by all the members

  • 2019 : SMYLE presidents are renewed and a new strategy is launching

  • 2022 : SMYLE is renewed for 4 years!

  • 2024: Jean-Charles Beugnot replaces Michaël Gauthier as French-head of SMYLE