Identification of new partnerships

Knowing the competences of scientists in Switzerland and France, we are identifying new partneership opportunities and contact both sides to push the initial idea forward.

Visit of Labs, Start-ups or Companies

Coming from an initial identification or from a request from one of the scientists, we are organizing visits in order to improve the bilateral knowledge and to start concrete discussions and workplan regarding a french-swiss collaborations

Scientific workshops

French-Swiss scientific workshops enable to enlarge the initial collaboration ideas to a wider audience. It includes several speakers from different labs in France and in Switzerland and also a poster session enabling some contact and interaction at the level of PhD students.

Initial collaborative works

SMYLE is also supporting the first steps of international collaborative works. We are proposing some funds to promote Master degree student works between French and Swiss lab and also small equipments and missions. This first support enabels to demonstrate proof of concept required to apply to more ambitious projects to fundig agencies.

Collaborative projects supported by funding agencies

Our final goal is that collaborative actions between France and Switzerland can be fully developed using funding from european call for projects or bi-lateral call of project such the ANR/FNS joined program.

Joined summer schools and merged phd courses

Our objective is also to promote joined actions between PhD students from both France and Switzerland. We are promoting joined summer schools and also merged phd courses between our members