"3D Micronafucturing and Active Materials"  Workshop 2020

 6th of October 2020 at  FEMTO-ST, Témis, Besançon

Videoconference (register to receive the link)

(no more room available in Amphitheatre JJ Gagnepain)

"3D Micronafucturing and Active Materials" 


9h10                          Coffee

9h30                         Welcome : Laurent Larger,  FEMTO-ST

                                 Workshop introduction : Michaël Gauthier Co-responsible of Collegium SMYLE


09h40 –10h20         Printing-based additive manufacturing of multifunctional systems: Materials, Processes, and Devices

                                 Vivek Subramanian, EPFL


10h20 –11h00         Advanced Materials for 3D micro- and nanoprinting

                                 Eva Blasco, KIT


11h00                     Coffee


11h20 –12h00         Heterogeneous integration of lead-free piezoelectric materials for vibrational energy harvesting

                                Ausrine Bartasyte, FEMTO-ST


12h00  – 14h00        Due to sanitary conditions, the lunch is cancelled

14h00- 14h40          On the use of femtosecond laser for tuning materials properties, from optical to

                                 thermomechanical  properties, Yves Bellouard, Laboratoire EPFL


14h40 –15h20         Gray tone lithography for thermal, optical and mechanical materials

                                Muamer Kadic Femto-st


15h20-15h40           Coffee 

15h40 –16h20         Elastomer-Based Actuators for Haptics and Soft Robotics

                                Herbert Shea, EPFL


Participation in amphitheatre JJ Gagnepain (Besançon) will be limited due to sanitary conditions.

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Attention please : wait to receive our email to know if you can attend to the manifestation in amphitheatre (waiting list) or by videoconference.

This program is organized by Collegium SMYLE members with the support of EPFL, Université de Franche-Comté, Conseil Régional de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, CNRS, ENSMM, Ambassade de France