In the frame of IGNITION, INTERREG project  Photonic seminar Dec.15  : 


Photonic seminar, 

4th of December, 2015

At Temis , 15 b ave des Montboucons 25000 Besançon

This seminar aimed to foster scientific partnership between our two institutions.

Students are welcome to participate to the event and discussions. 


The program has proposed:

- Talks about “Photonics”, of the following speakers : H.P. Herzig, D.Psaltis, M.P. Bernal,

C.Gorecki, P.Seitz,F. Lacombe (Manaukea),

Y. Bellouard, F. Courvoisier,T. Südmeyer, T. Sylvestre

- Round table discussion, moderator : H.P. Herzig,

• on the industrial perspective

• on the research perspective

For more information about program, please see below this link


Please note that this event is linked with the MNP 2015: Micro Nano Photonics,
which is be held on the 2th&3th of December, at the same place




This program was supported in the frame of the INTERREG program ‘IGNITION’, by the European Community,

Cantons de Vaud et Neuchâtel, Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté, CNRS,

Université de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, ENSMM, Ambassade de France, EPFL, et FEMTO-ST