Partnership & Mobility

Collegium SMYLE can help you in many ways : 

If you're interested,  as student, as teacher or as a company :

- in cooperating with a team of FEMTO-ST or EPFL, 

- for mobility,

- attend to a course  : see here for EPFL Doctoral Program and here for FEMTO-ST/UBFC Doctoral School

- select a stage for a master work

- identify a host laboratory at EPFL or FEMTO-ST

We could provide logistical and financial support for mobility, equipment, organization of events, partnership...


 Please contact us for more information 


Collegium SMYLE is support by an Interreg program, IGNITION which benefit of european fund "FEDER" (59%), Federal funds of Interreg Suisse (45%), Cantons de Vaud and Neuchatel,  Conseil Régional de Franche-Comté, CNRS, UFC, ENSMM and French Embassy in Switzerland