MNP 2015 is the 1st international workshop which aims at bringing together private and public organisations to discuss trends and state-of-the-art in the multifunctional photonic micro devices and sub-systems with potential applications in Sensing, telecom, security, defense and medical areas.

The conference will be held at the FEMTO-ST Institute in Besançon, France and is supported by the French Optical society (SFO).



Photonic and optoelectronic integration technology is playing a more and more important role for the cost- and energy-efficient deployment of modern ICT systems and biomedical devices.
While large-scale electronic integration is already a mature tool for the development of multifunctional devices and systems on a chip level, photonic integration is still in its period of adolescence. Access to high performance by substituting critical electronic functions by photonic functions is therefore still hindered when it comes to complex smart systems.

Functional and technological convergence of key enabling technologies such as active materials, microelectronics and photonics will be the only way to exploit synergies of these worlds: intelligence, flexibility and high performance. By incorporating all these assets in a unified technology toolbox, the vast potential of future smart photonics can be efficiently unlocked.

Demands for greater bandwidths have driven the telecom and datacom research and development communities to realize complex optoelectronic integrated circuits such as transceivers, modulators, switching systems, low chip optical sources, and multichannel optical distribution systems. The integration of micro-lasers is becoming a reality in the communications arena. Other emerging fields include optical computing, medical diagnosis and chemical/biological sensing. Optical alignment between miniature devices, as well as interconnection minimization and propagation losses, are critical issues and require careful consideration.

In order to meet all these challenges, the Laboratory of Excellence ACTION, FEMTO-ST Institute and Femto Engineering would like to invite you to join a workshop on the latest advances of miniature photonic components and microsystems. The application of these systems close-to-production is of general interest.

 main topics

The explored topics will include new developments in:

  • Technologies and hybridization of active materials for photonics (piezoelectric, ferroelectric, electro optic such as lithium niobate)
  • Multifunctional and miniaturized photonic devices such as electric field sensors, frequency converters or light modulators..
  • Integration, interconnection, fabrication, assembly, packaging, characterization and roadmap of compound semiconductor photonic and optoelectronic devices
  • Integration of different photonic and optoelectronic structure types (planar, free space, photonic bandgap devices, plasmonic devices, etc.)
  • Micromachined micro optical components using passive materials (silicon, glass)
  • Components, modules, subsystems and systems.


technical program
This workshop which is intented to the private industry, academic institutions and government laboratories will feature:

  • Invited presentations from renown experts along with selected contributed presentations,
  • A round table on the future of multifunctional photonics,
  • A visit of a local company (Photline, iXBlue group),
  • Several visits of FEMTO-ST and its technological facilities, and an on-table demonstration of photonics-based products of the future made by local researchers.

Targeted applications
Telecom, security, defense, energy,  metrology and medical applications.




This event is organised within the framework of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015), is labelled by "Année de la Lumière en France" and the Franche-Comté regional project called "LUX!"