• Christophe Gorecki, FEMTO-ST, manager of the technology platform “MOEMS integration” at ACTPHAST, SPIE board member
  • Hervé Maillotte, director of the Optics department of FEMTO-ST


Local committee

  • Labex ACTION: Ausrine Bartasyte (chair of excellence), Claudia Laou-Huen, Sandrine Chatrenet
  • FEMTO-ST: Maria Bernal, Nadège Courjal, Mathieu Chauvet, Sarah Benchabane
  • FEMTO Engineering: Grégory Haye, Florent Bassignot, Tatiana Locatelli






Member of EPoSS:

eposs smart systems





Laboratory of excellence (Labex) ACTION

Smart systems embedded into matter

ACTION is a long-term scientific program (2012-2019) managed by FEMTO-ST and two other french research labs which aims to become an international reference in the field of the design and the demonstration of integrated smart systems.

Hugo Thienpont (VUB, coordinator of ACTPHAST) is chairman of the strategic board committee

Examples of research works supported by the Labex Action:


Integrated optical chip (demonstrator)
Integrated whispering gallery mode resonators for coherent WDM optical communication networks
Breaktrough optical telecom. transmission: 216 Gb/s over 80 km (HC)


Neuromorphic processor demonstrator
Photonic Nonlinear Transient Computing
The fastest RC (reservoir computing) computer in the world (1Mword/s with 0.04% WER)







 Member of ACTPHAST:



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FEMTO-ST institute

Engineering, information technology and communication
Founded in 2004, the FEMTO-ST Institute is a joint research unit affiliated with the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Center), the University of Franche-Comté (UFC), the National Engineering Institute in Mechanics and Microtechnologies (ENSMM) and the University of Technology in Belfort Montbéliard (UTBM). Its objective is to master micro and nanotechnologies, to develop new devices and systems, to optimize their performance, to provide them with new functions and make them “smart”.


Examples of research works @ FEMTO-ST and Labex Action:

 Integrated fibre components for all-optical signal processing and sensing based on subwavelength -diameter photonic microwire © FEMTO-ST/CNRS

 Nature Communications, Article number: 5242 Published: 24 October 2014


 Phononic crystal etched in a silicon wafer. The 100 micron deep air holes run vertically, defining a honeycomb-lattice artificial crystal for acoustic wavesPhononic crystal etched in a silicon wafer. The 100 micron deep air holes run vertically, defining a honeycomb-lattice artificial crystal for acoustic waves.
 More info about PhoXonic crystals

 Nonlinear mechanical dynamics and coupling

 MULTIWAVE (ERC Project): Studies of Extreme Nonlinear and Rogue Wave Phenomena

FEMTO engineering

FEMTO Engineering is a center for technological development which undertakes development projects in 6 broad technological fields: Energy, Optics, Time-Frequency, Micro-technologies for cleanrooms, Biomedical and Mechanics.

Example of achievements made by FEMTO Engineering and FEMTO-ST

World record for machining: a channel 400nm wide and 43µm long in a thin glass slide

Member of MICROTECHNICS Alliance:

pole des microtechniques

A key economic player in the microtechnology sector both in France and Europe, the Microtechnology Cluster fosters collaboration between companies, research and development centers and training organizations.
Since its creation in 2006, the competitiveness cluster has approved or co-approved more than 200 projects. It has recently joined forces with Minalogic and 2 other European clusters, MicroTEC Südwest in Germany and Micronarc in Switzerland, to create Microtechnics Allianceand thus strengthen transborder collaboration in the heart of Europe between different microtechnology players.



PHOTLINE - iXBlue, Photonic Solution Division

The company designs, produces and delivers optical modulation solutions based on its own LiNb03 modulators and RF modules. The company serves the industry and the research community.

Photline was created in 2000 as a spin-off from the Optics Laboratory of the University of Besançon, one of the premier research centers for integrated optics and opto-electronics in France. Thanks to its origins, the company has inherited unique technological foundations resulting from more than 15 years of research work completed at the University. In June 2008, the acquisition of AdLightec brought to the company an enlarged technology platform, adding high-speed electronics and microwave expertise to the historical integrated optics know-how. The combination of optical and electronics technologies steers Photline in a key position to offer innovative solutions with global design to the market.

In January 2015, iXFiber and Photline merged and made up the Photonics Solutions Division of iXBlue, an 80 person team that masters key photonic technologies including fiber preform processing, fiber drawing, waveguide wafer processing and components packaging




The Labex ACTION hosts several key international scientists in optics and photonics:

-  C. Gorecki (FEMTO-ST), member of SPIE Board of Directors, Manager of the MOEMS integration Plateform (ACPHAST)

-  J. Dudley (FEMTO-ST), current president of the European Physical Society, CNRS silver medalist, holder of 1 ERC Advanced grant for the Project MULTIWAVE, and 1 ERC proof of concept

-  Y. Chembo (FEMTO-ST) ERC Starting Grants « Next generation of microwave photonic systems for aerospace » and 1 ERC Proof of concept

-  S. Benchabane (FEMTO-ST) CNRS INSIS Bronze medalist (2012) Acousto-optics and phoXonics

-  B. Kibler (ICB) CNRS INP Bronze medalist (2012) Optics linked to hydrodynamics

-  Bouhelier (ICB) ERC Starting grant (2012-2017) SWIFT project: Optical wireless communication at nanoscale assisted by surface plasmons

-  J. Fatome (ICB) ERC Starting grant (2012-2017) PETAL project: Polarization condEnsation or Telecom AppLications

-  G. Millot (ICB) Fellow OSA member (2013) for numerous pioneering contributions in nonlinear optical physics