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Visit of the company Photline 



PHOTLINE (iXBlue, Photonic Solution Division)

3 December 11:05 - 12:00

Five-minute walk from FEMTO-ST - Visit limited to 2*20 people

Photline is a leading supplier of optical modulation solutions. The company masters the entire chain of LiNb03 modulators production from computer-assisted design to final characterization, through wafer processing.

Markets served by Photline are :
- Telecommunications
- Sensing and Instruments
- Defense and Aerospace industries
- The Research and Development community

Opposite : In the heart of the wafer fab, a class 100 clean room, the multi-tube oven receives wafers for several key stages, including the titanium diffusion process that creates the optical waveguides within the LiNbO3 substrats. This operation requires a very accurate temperature control. © iXBlue, Photonic Solution Division

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FEMTO-ST (Franche-Comté Electronics, Mechanics, Thermics and Optics - Sciences and Technologies)

3 December 11:05 - 12:00 or 17:15 - 18:15

Founded in 2004, the FEMTO-ST Institute undertakes research in various scientific disciplines related to engineering, information technology and communication. Its objective is to master micro and nanotechnologies, to develop new devices and systems, to optimize their performance, to provide them with new functions and make them “smart”.
The Institute offers high-level multidisciplinary expertise in automatic control, acoustics, electronics, electrical and thermal engineering, computer science, applied mechanics, mechatronics, microsystems, nanotechnologies, optics and time & frequency.


membrane niobate


Micro-and nano structurating of lithium niobate (LN) and tunable photonic crystals

Handling areas dedicated to the design and the prototyping of LN ridge waveguides & photonic crystals

Visit limited to several groups of 9 people

Opposite: Air suspended LN membrane ©FEMTO-ST

 LN world record

SEM picture © FEMTO-ST

Femtosecond Laser Micro machining

Machining, or ablation of matter in the femtosecond regime, in comparison to other machining regimes (picoseconds or nanosecond), allows for a better quality in the structuring of matter.

Many applications could be find in the fields of telecommunication, automobile, watchmaking or biomedical fields, as for examples:

  • the manufacture of integrated components for the telecommunications of the future
  • the inscription of motifs invisible to the naked eye  used in the struggle against counterfeiting

Opposite: SEM picture © FEMTO-ST

Nano-structuration by Bessel beam in Lithium niobate - New record: Aspect ratio > 2000

A world record for machining: a channel 400nm wide and 43µm long in a thin glass slide


MOEMS and optics

MIMENTO clearoom facilities (part of the French network RENATECH)

Five-minute walk from FEMTO-ST - Visit limited to 2*20 people

The FEMTO-ST Institute has several leading edge technological platforms, including the MIMENTO Technology Center. Of national importance, MIMENTO is part of the french RENATECH network which groups together six major academic
technology centers. Unique in France, the Center includes:

  • a “nanotechnology” module (nano-engraving, nano-lithography, etc.),
  • a “micromanufacturing” module (3D structures, piezoelectric materials, hybrid micromechanics) and
  • a pooled “R&D - Industrial innovation” module (industrial production line for piezoelectric micro-nano components).

Opposite: Z-scanner Set of chips with microlenses © FEMTO-ST / UFC