Welcome dinner


 WEDNESDAY 2 DECEMBER 2015: sociaL dinner

The dinner will take place in the restaurant Le Manège (2 Faubourg Rivotte, 25000 Besançon) at 7:30 pm.

Pre-conference dinner with a special intervention of:



 (c) Ludovic Godard/UFC

John DUDLEY, Chairman of the IYL 2015 Steering Committee and member of FEMTO-ST





       Philippe BREGI, President, of the French National Optics-Photonics Committee (CNOP)
       President of the Opticsvalley Association,
       CEO, Egide Group




Le Manège





 john dudley: celebration will highlight the global importance of light


John Dudley  (FEMTO-ST/Optical departement) who collaborates within the WP3: Nonlinear functionalities of the Labex ACTION is vice-president of the International Year of Light 2015.


FEMTO-ST and the Labex ACTION are respectively gold and bronze associates